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"Just Wing It"

Furniture REHAB Service


STEP 1:  Contact us:  Email us at Send us a high resolution picture of your piece and the room it will be displayed in.  Please include your best contact info and times that you can be reached back.


Step 2: We will email you back to let you know if you are a good candidate for our “Just Wing It” REHAB. If you are, we will provide you with an estimate , our design plan , and a tentative start date.


STEP 3: You let us know if you want to proceed and we will email you an official invoice. At this time the DEPOSIT from the payment schedule below (10%) will be due. You will be able to pay using one of the following transactions:                

* Mail us a check                

*  Paypal (Additional 2.9% transaction Fee )                

* Credit Card (Additional 2.9% transaction Fee)                

* Bank Account (Additional 1% Transaction Fee)                

* Venmo - Susan Tuthill


STEP 4: 70 % Down Due and Work Begins.


STEP 5: Work is completed .  10% Balance due and piece will be picked up or delivered.


20 % Deposit : Due to secure work date 

70% Down: Required before first day of work


10% Balance:  Due at pick up/ before delivery

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