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"Just Wing It"

Furniture REHAB Service

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1. You have a piece that is made out of solid wood and is in GOOD to EXCELLENT condition.


2. You are a fan of our “Rustic Marries Modern” style.


3. You allow us the freedom to do as WE WANT with the entire finish/project. This also gives us the freedom to reconstruct the original body by adding or taking away from the structure while keeping to the original purpose of its function if we feel suit. This is called our “Just Wing It” REHAB.  


4. You are OK with knowing that our design plan will be based on:          

 * Matching the existing space or theme of the room

 * Incorporating a “One of a Kind” finish based on OUR professional OPINION             * A “Rustic Marries Modern” Style.


5. You are OK with knowing that we are NOT painting pieces entirely in WHITE!! There may be white in our design BUT we will NOT paint a piece entirely in WHITE!


6. You are OK with knowing there will be


7. Client MUST sign a binding Contract that will be emailed to proceed with this service.

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