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At REHABArt we strive to create something TRULY different. Our “Exquisitely Unique” home furnishings and projects are “Artistically Unconventional” and are specifically designed to push the envelope with home decor. At REHABArt we create ” Works of Art” that you will want to design your whole home/business around!

Our products ranging from artwork to furniture are individually hand-crafted or upcycled in our South Carolina home studio. Using new or old materials and sometimes both, we create pieces that successfully marry a rustic and modern style. 

Our original works of art are designed

to create a statement in your home and dramatically 

any space.









Artistic finishing techniques such as digital painting, distressing, gilding, decopauging, staining, glazing, gold leafing are oftened utilized to create a personalized authentic look. 

We also provide a “Just Wing It” Custom Furniture Rehab Service as well as Custom Wall & Ceiling Stenciling Service to customers within a 30 minute radius of our studio.


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Susan and Brian

Meet  The Tuthill 's

REHABArt was established in the fall of 2016 by husband and wife team Susan and Brian Tuthill. The combination of their artistic skills and passion for DESIGN lead to the development of REHABArt. The couple began creating unique pieces for their own home and became addicted to the challenge of transforming spaces. 


With a Masters Degree in Art Education, Susan an artist and former high school art teacher with over 10 years of experience, loves to paint, sculpt and design the unimaginable. Brian has fantastic woodworking skills and a keen eye for design as well. Together they make the perfect team!

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